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Douglasville Kennel Club Inc,

DBA Douglasville Kennel Club of Ga Inc.

Request for Financial Aid, Financial Assistance, Donations & Contributions

Procedure No.2-2011

March 1, 2011


To clarify steps to be taken by person(s) or organization(s) requesting aid from the Douglasville Kennel Club Inc (DKC) and how the DKC will analyze and rule on the same

To detail the basis the Douglasville Kennel Club will rely on to determine charitable causes most worthy of a financial contribution. 


At its discretion, the Board of Directors of the Douglasville Kennel Club will award scholarships and contribute to other worthy causes and requests.  All potential cases will be discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the DKC and most be approved by majority vote.


1.  Will be awarded for veterinary studies in canine medicine and/or related fields which the Board of Directors of the Douglasville Kennel Club feels will have a positive impact on purebred dogs.

2.  Request for scholarships must be received by the Douglasville Kennel Club by written request and signed by applicant.  The person(s) requesting aid must be currently accepted, enrolled and in good standing at an academic institution for said purpose.

3.  Will be awarded for a scholastic year.

4.  Consideration to the request will be given weighing factors such as need, moral character, social and academic activities, future impact to the area served by the Douglasville Kennel Club upon completion of studies, and any other factors which the Board of Directors of the Douglasville Kennel Club may deem critical.


1.  Shall be approved annually by the Board of Directors of the Douglasville Kennel Club.  Donations must be generally canine related.  The Board of Directors shall consider all written requests submitted by the membership of the DKC.  Members must be currently active and in good standing in the DKC.  These members must have participated in DKC events in current and previous years.


1.      The Board of Directors of Douglasville Kennel Club Inc may from time to time make donations to causes at their discretion.


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